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Name: basICColor input Version: 5.1.0 Released: Dec 7th 2016 Language: English Mac Platform: Intel OS Version: OS X 10.7 or later Includes: Crack Web Site: Overview Raw and ICC profile creation in one application If critical color accuracy from your scans or digital camera files is required, you need basICColor input. Analyzing the capture results of a camera target determines the reproduction characteristics of the camera. This helps eliminate unnecessary color retouching. Professional results can be achieved with higher data quality as well as quicker turn-around times. The ICC camera profiles can both be „tuned” and the workflow automated, achieving optimal workflows. basICColor input distinguishes automatically between RAW or TIFF / JPEG format and creates DCP or ICC profiles with perfect shadow detail. Multi-Target Profiling This unique feature of basICColor input allows to combine several target shots into one profile. Reproduction of paints, textiles, non-standard media and use of diverse colorants requires additional characterization. The resulting ICC input profile thus reduces metameric failure. Raw-Profiling Beside the ICC profiling input detects (almost) every RAW format and creates DCPs, which can be used in Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom immediately. Spotcolor Correction Whether including a logo color, corporate identity element, or architectural element which demands absolute matching, the unique qualities of basICColor input will aid in achieving best quality results from the digital photographic image. Functions – Creation of DCP and ICC profiles – Profiling of Digital Cameras and Scanners – Multi-Target Profiling – 4 types of profiles: Art Repro / Archival; Photography; Capture One; Scanner – Spot Color Correction – Support for all common Scanner and Camera Targets, including, IT8/7.1, IT8/7.2 HutchColor Target, ColorChecker, ColorChecker DC, Digital ColorChecker SG und basICColor dcam target+ – Support for adding individual color targets What’s New in Version 5.1.0: Version 5.1.0 build 2279 – NEW: ICC Profiles for Capture One (Linear Response) from Raw Data – NEW: DCP and ICC Profiles from CGATS text file created by RawDigger – NEW: instead of an image also the basICColor ICC Profiles can be used for profiling (targ tag is extracted) – NEW: Display the dE when our ICC Profile is opened – NEW: Display the dE when a TIFF is opened with embedded ICC Profile – NEW: Black Control Display in ColorChecker SG – NEW: input 5 determines automatically what the correct rotation of the target is – several bugfixes



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