Myloops Driving Trance Bassline Templates (Ableton Live) + Patcher

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Myloops Driving Trance Bassline Templates (Ableton Live) + Patcher
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Name: Myloops Driving Trance Bassline Require: Ableton Live v9.6 or higher Web Site: Overview DRIVING TRANCE BASSLINES VOL. 1 FOR ABLETON LIVE I think we can all agree to say that basslines are EXTREMELY hard to get right in trance music. When you’re trying to create a driving trance bassline, it’s especially difficult to get it to sound interesting, strong and powerful as well as sit tight against the kick and drums, and to give it a driving feel. Eventhough it’s hard, there are quite a few tricks that instantly make your basslines sound better, and we wanted to offer a template package that sets you on the right path for your driving trance productions. Aley & Oshay have created 3 bassline templates in Ableton Live for Myloops (they are also available on our store for FL Studio and Cubase), that nail the typical driving trance sound with rolling hi-bassline parts and the typical offbeat sub-bass. The content is 100% royalty free so the basslines can be used either as an educational tool or as a basis for your own tracks. The beautiful part about these templates is that they sound great, eventhough they only use ONLY LennarDigital Sylenth1 and no other 3rd party plug-ins. We used the built-in FX plug-ins in Ableton Live (Reverb, Compressor, EQ, etc.) to process each track, so that you don’t have to buy any extra 3rd party plug-ins to use these templates. WHAT DO I GET ?  • The 3 Ableton Live bassline templates, as heard in the demo  • All MIDI and Audio channels with FX chains and mixing included  • All the MIDI files included  • All the Audio files included  • All the Synthesizer presets included FEATURES  • All sections (basslines, FX, drums) are color-coded and named correctly so you know exactly what you are looking at.  • 100% Royalty Free : you can use any element from this template in your own productions  • Sounds exactly like the audio demo  • Uses Sylenth1 ONLY and no 3rd party FX Plug-ins WHAT CAN I LEARN FROM THIS PRODUCT ?  • Study how the basslines are created with several layers, and how the different layers / parts interact with each other  • Learn from studying each individual track (MIDI / Audio)  • Find out how the mixing was done, and how each track was processed  • Learn how the bassline patterns were designed  • Learn from the synth presets included, which settings were used to make each type of sound  • Get inspired for your own productions  • Overall, an excellent way of learning more about producing basslines for Uplifting & Driving Trance Music WHAT DO I NEED TO OPEN THESE TEMPLATES ? In order take full advantage of these projects, you will need :  • Ableton Live v9.6 or higher  • LennarDigital Sylenth1 v2.21 or higher



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