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Name: OmniPlan Version: 3.6 Released: December 8th, 2016 Developer: The Omni Group Mac Platform: Intel OS Version: OS X 10.11 or later Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor Includes: Serial Web Site: Overview An easy to use OS X application that provides a clean and organized environment for quickly organizing and managing your projects. The success of each project can be greatly influenced by one’s organizational skills: you must learn to optimize your time and make the most out of the available resources. OmniPlan is a user-friendly OS X application that can help you keep track of all the details related to a certain assignment. Visualize your tasks OmniPlan enables you to create a list of all the tasks associated with a certain enterprise, helps you to keep track of all available resources, and then allows you to schedule the jobs using a calendar view. The fact that you can view all the project’s elements on a timeline is extremely important because a single glance allows you to know what you must accomplish and when: this way, it is a lot easier to stay on schedule. Set up priorities and share projects with others OmniPlan offers you the possibility to filter out events that should not concern you or your team just yet. Moreover, you get to sort tasks by various degrees of difficulty and necessary effort. For your convenience, OmniPlan enables you to share your plans with others by syncing them to your OmniPlan server repository: you must input your credentials in the “Configure Publishing & Subscriptions” panel. The same area offers you the possibility to enable the “Perform publishing actions when saving” function. At the same time, you can choose to sync Calendar Server events or reminders, and iCal events, or run Apple scripts. Furthermore, you can export the project to an OmniPlan document, or to other popular file formats (ICS, CSV, MPX, MPP, XML, PNG, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, or HTML). Straightforward project planning solution OmniPlan provides a large collection of efficient tools that can help you plan projects, schedule events, keep track of your progress and more. Since you can share the plans with your entire team, via the OmniPlan account, collaborative work is extremely easy. What’s new in OmniPlan 3.6 December 8th, 2016 ・Touch Bar – OmniPlan now supports Apple’s new Touch Bar, bringing useful tools and controls, like quick resource assignment and timeline navigation via the project overview, to your fingertips. ・Mac App Store – OmniPlan is now a free download in the Mac App Store. This change allows us to offer a 14-day trial and unlicensed read-only mode to new customers who download OmniPlan from the Mac App Store. This change does not affect existing OmniPlan customers. ・Help – OmniPlan’s Help is more helpful than ever! This update includes a new chapter detailing every menu command available in OmniPlan, information about OmniPlan’s new Touch Bar functionality, and enhanced explanations throughout the manual. ・Cell Highlight – The cell currently being edited in the outline is now indicated by a highlight on the left edge. ・Preferences – New Preference icons! ・Copy As Link – Addressed a bug that could cause “Copy As Link” to fail to generate a URL. ・Custom Data – OmniPlan no longer displays duplicated custom data values. ・Dashboard – Dashboard windows no longer attempt to support macOS Sierra tabs. ・Default Tasks – It is no longer possible to set a split task as the default task type. ・Filtering – Replacing a saved filter now behaves correctly. ・Localization – Fixed missing localizations in the Template Preferences and Microsoft Project import message. ・Menu Items – Removed defunct “Configure Prototypes” menu item from the Project menu. ・Resource Assignment – After selecting a resource from the Assignments drop down menu in the Inspector it is no longer necessary to hit the return key to assign the resource. ・Resource View – Addressed a bug that could cause task titles to disappear on selection in the Resource View timeline. ・Subscribed Calendars ‐ OmniPlan calendar subscriptions now correctly handle recurring events without both a start and end date. If you were previously experiencing trouble with this type of calendar subscription, removing and reconfiguring the subscription is required to resolve the issue. ・Task View – Task selection in the outline now always matches the task selection in the Gantt Chart. ・Task View – Hiding the Inspector no longer results in white space in the Gantt header. ・Trial Mode – Trial expiration information is now displayed in all OmniPlan windows when running the application in Trial Mode. ・Stability – Fixed a crash that could occur when Force Clicking. ・Stability – Addressed a scheduling recursion that could cause a crash when changing a project’s schedule to backward from a fixed end date. ・Stability – Fixed a crash that could occur when closing a Dashboard window. ・Stability – Addressed a bug that could cause a crash when deleting a saved filter.



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