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Name: PhotoDesk – for Instagram Version: 4.0.3 Release Date: July 25, 2016 Languages: English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish Developer: Benedikt Terhechte MAS Rating: 12+ Mac Platform: Intel OS Version: OS X 10.9 or later Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor Web Site: Mac App Store: Overview: ** The BEST Mac App for Instagram! ** View, comment, and like Instagram content. With Analytics. With Multi-Account support. Uploading and downloading is prohibited by Instagram. The perfect Instagram tool for brands, agencies, small businesses, and pro users! Of all Mac clients, Photodesk allows you to use the most features of Instagram on your Mac and even exceeds Instagram’s functionality. – Video Support – See Pictures on a Map – Search for Places – Search for Tags – Statistics & Analytics (Requires in-app purchase) – Sophisticated Comment Management – Sophisticated Account Management – Fantastic, modern UI, optimized for Mac OS X Yosemite & El Capitan „PhotoDesk provides a slick, simple, desktop way to view and appreciate the photos of others.”  * Comment Features: – See which comments you replied to, star comments, search within comments, and much more. – See all comments for all images from multiple accounts in one screen – Quickly reply to comments – See which comments you already replied to * Receive News and Notifications  – See when you get new comments, likes, or followers * Creates bookmarks for different types – Bookmark Tags – Bookmark Places – Bookmark Users – Bookmark Images – Place Bookmarks in folders * Tags – Place favorite tags in the sidebar, automatically see if there’re new images tagged with that tag. – Search tags, save favorite tags, see related tags ** Impression analytics features (In-app purchase required):** The *Comments* view offers powerful comment management features: – See all most recently posted comments or – See all comments posted since you last started Photodesk – Search for specific comments – Group comments by image or author – Sort comments by image, author, date, and more – Star comments and remember which one you already replied to – Print comments on paper for archival and more – Export comments as JSON *Performance Statistics* help you understand how well your account performs. See all your key metrics (likes, comments, followers, averages) in one screen. Understand your upload, comment and follower growth. Most importantly, see the new followers you gained or the old followers you lost based on your image uploads. *Content Analysis* will give you insights into your own content. Which tags, mentions, or filters gained the most comments or the most likes. Which users are the most active commenters or likers on your images. Which images are highest rated and which images seem to continuously gain new likes. *Audience Measurement* is the key to better content. See what your followers are sharing and what they’re interested in. Which of your followers or commenters are big on Instagram, which tags are they using, which words, mentions and filters do they prefer. *User Statistics* For each User Profile, Photodesk generates a short list of most used tags, words, mentions. This gives you a much better understanding of what this user is interested in or what the account is about. ***** NO PICTURE UPLOAD POSSIBLE because it is forbidden by Instagram**** ***** YOU NEED AN INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT TO USE THIS APP****** ***** NO PICTURE DOWNLOAD POSSIBLE BECAUSE IT IS FORBIDDEN BY INSTAGRAM **** * Search & Filter Facilities Photodesk 3 offers a fantastic search engine to comb through vast amounts of images. You can now create specific searches for every aspect of an image so that you can find the proverbial needle in the haystack. * Slide Shows View pictures in beautiful slide shows * Privacy Support Automatically log out of Instagram/PhotoDesk with all your accounts when you close the app. * See a huge amount of images at the same time Automatically load many images up front to sort or search them  „With slick animations throughout, comment intergration and more, Photodesk is a fine addition to your Mac software collection.” What’s New in Version 4.0.3: – Fixed a bug where, for some users, Photodesk would display no content at all – Fixed a bug which caused the Logout functionality to not work correctly – Removed the artificial limitation of not being able to delete all accounts – Fixed several crashes & bugs



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