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Remotix 4.1.2 Reloaded
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Name: Remotix VNC & RDP Version: 4.1.2 Release Date: October 18, 2016 Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Russian Developer: Nulana LTD MAS Rating: 4+ Mac Platform: Intel OS Version: OS X 10.6.6 or later Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor Includes: Pre-K’ed Pre-K’ed (Courtesy of TNT) Web Site: Mac App Store: Overview: Remotix is a fast, secure and feature packed remote desktop tool to access your computer from anywhere. Here is what Remotix users say: „Remotix is just absolutely amazing, I use it all the time. It allowed me to log onto my work computer from my personal computer and there was hardly any lag at all, my internet isn’t the best and even apps like this still manage to run with zero problems!” Matt Falconer, Mac App Store „This app is very fast and has already saved me a couple of times because I have left something on the wrong computer. Love it, well worth the money.” Mark.L13, Mac App Store Highlights • Apple Screen Sharing, VNC and RDP, including RD Gateway • Connect from anywhere with Remotix Cloud technology • Discover nearby computers using Bonjour, NetBIOS and LAN scanners • Observe multiple computers at once • Secure connections via SSH tunneling • Stored servers are available on all your devices via iCloud • Master password protection • Wake-On-LAN • URL schemes to launch Remotix from third-party apps If you are connecting to Mac: • Complete Apple Screen Sharing experience • Drag-n-drop to share files between your Mac and remote Mac • Automatically keeps your Mac pasteboard synchronized • Best performance on average or slow internet connections with Apple adaptive codec • Multi-display configuration selection, combined or each display individually • Dramatic improvement of interaction speed with server-side picture scaling • Ask to share the screen or authenticate by OS X username & password • If there is someone logged in, select whether to ask for sharing or to start separate session • Curtain mode & remote screen locking • Remote multi-touch If you are connecting to Windows over RDP: • RD Gateway & load-balancing configurations • On-the-fly resolution and scale change • Rich clipboard with text, RTF and HTML • Sound playback & recording • Your Mac files are available as a folder within RDP session • Automatic connection setup for the best performance over 3G or LAN • Secure NLA authentication If you are connecting to Linux or Windows over VNC: • Works well with VMWare, UltraVNC, TightVNC, RealVNC, TigerVNC and x11vnc servers • Copy and paste with automatic clipboard sync • Microsoft Windows Logon authentication (UltraVNC) • VeNCrypt TLS authentication (ProxMox, TurboVNC) • x11vnc-ncache mode support ***NOTICE*** IF YOU ALREADY HAVE REMOTIX INSTALLED, YOU COULD LOSE A COMPUTER FROM YOUR LISTING OF AVAILABLE SERVERS. Simply re-enter the appropriate information such as the IP Address or hostname and authentication information if this happens. You can connect via VNC or RDP as well as Apple Authentication. Connecting through a tunnel is supported too. Most importantly, just make sure you have the IP Address of the computer you want to connect to. What’s New in Version 4.1.2: * Sierra * We’ve fixed several issues with Remotix on Sierra, including certificate view display, numbers of servers in scanners. Also, Sierra brought us the ability to tab arbitrary windows and we’ve added the option to automatically open new viewers as tabs. Enjoy! * Scrolling * There are several major improvements in scrolling: RDP now has horizontal scrolling and both vertical and horizontal scrolling is now inertial. We’ve also fixed scrolling sensitivity with VNC servers. * Timezone * Remotix now properly detects client timezone and passes this information to RDP server. This should improve timezone redirection if you’re using it. * Other * RDP window size was not saving on close, fixed. In 4.1.2: – Option to hide toolbar in viewer; – Option to hide application title in main window; – Fixed cursor colors in RDP connections; – Fixed possible hang on reconnect.



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