SigPro 2.0.3 (formerly SignatureProfiler) Cracked

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SigPro 2.0.3 (formerly SignatureProfiler) Cracked
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Name: SigPro (formerly SignatureProfiler) Version: 2.0.3 Released: December 9th, 2016 Developer: SmallCubed Mac Platform: Intel OS Version: OS X 10.11.5 or later Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor Web Site: Overview A useful and easy-to-use plug-in for Apple’s Mail application that makes it easy for you to manage multiple signatures for different accounts SigPro (formerly known as SignatureProfiler) is a simple and intuitive plugin for Apple’s Mail application that makes it easier for your to handle and gain more control over your signatures. Create, edit and assign tail signature to your email accounts SigPro comes as a viable solution for Mac users that have multiple email accounts and need an easier way to manage the signatures for their outgoing emails. In addition to helping you manage your signatures, also enables you to share them between accounts and integrate information grabbed from iTunes, as well as random signatures from any given quote list. Use tags and create dynamic signatures Thanks to SigPro, you can easily create signatures with replaceable tags that change automatically based on the email account used to send the email. SigPro can also be configured to automatically auto-fill song information from iTunes. The Accounts tab helps you organize and associate various signatures to different email accounts, name your addresses and create tail signatures for them. By switching to the iTunes & Quotes tab, you can select the source text file for quote text and check the settings for iTunes data grabbing. Take advantage of Mail Plugin Manager and manage your plugins with ease It is also worth mentioning that SigPro installs an application that helps you manage all Mail plugins installed on your Mac. After installing SigPro you need to restart Mail in order to start using the plugin. Furthermore, the SigPro Mail plug-in also comes with a built-in uninstaller that enables you to quickly and effortlessly remove SigPro from your Mac. On the whole, SigPro is a handy Mail plug-in specially made to help you manage, organize and use multiple customizable signatures with your email accounts and it does this job perfectly, thus being a must-have tool for anyone using Apple's e-mail client on a daily basis. What’s new in SigPro (formerly SignatureProfiler) 2.0.3 December 9th, 2016 ・New: Add localizations for French, German & Italian ・Fixed: Ensure that iTunes info is retrieved at Mail startup. ・Fixed: Fixes issue where changing the signature and then entering a recipient would reset the signature to default. ・Fixed: Fixes issue where comments in imported signatures would crash SigPro. ・Fixed: Fixes issue where signature was never placed above selected text. ・Fixed: Fixes issue where the change of selection using the keyboard did not update the email preferences. ・Fixed: Fixes issues with the display and saving of Signature Selections. ・OS Support: Add support for 10.12.2 betas



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